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Lex Brinkman

loves being a manager but don’t tell anyone because it sounds very uncool. She’s worked in Operations, Sales, and Account Management for B2B and B2C businesses for over 5 years and is passionate about team cohesion and employee engagement.

Your Team is Your Dream: pay attention to the mental impact of COVID-19

In my office there are three types of people. The ones who feel a moral obligation to remain upbeat regardless of their internal-sphere. The ones who tell you exactly how they feel and the ones that don’t give any indication of their personal or emotional landscape. Right now, all three have one thing in common. They’re exhausted, nervous, and all together done with a protracted adjustment period that’s been positioned as everything from the new normal to the end of the world as we know it. Tension is high along with fatigue. We oscillate between numbness and anxiety but no one, and I mean truly no one, is content.

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Nice to eMeet You: virtual ice breakers

You wake up with the first day of work jitters. Nervous energy percolates as you brush your teeth. Things you had no desire to do a week ago, like putting on pants, suddenly seem thrilling. You saunter over to your desk with a steamy cup ready to get to work. Your cat circles your ankles almost as if to say, you did it! You found a job during the pandemic! You hold the on button down on your monitor and wait, optimistically, for the connection to establish.

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Entertainers Online: strategies for monetizing virtual content

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a period of unprecedented unemployment in recent history. Seemingly overnight entire industries shifted. One that was the most swiftly hit was Entertainment. For artists and entertainers that rely on an audience, live events halted with no roadmap to a return date. Professionals quickly shifted to creating online content, forging new paths to provide their services virtually and generate income.

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What will business events look like in the future?

Nobody can predict the future but I keep getting asked what the world of events is going to look like after COVID. After speaking with hundreds of individuals responsible for booking, planning and coordinating company events here are the common themes I hear people reflect on. These insights come from doing hundreds of events during the pandemic and speaking to leaders in Human Resources, Client Engagement Teams, and Event Planners about how they are planning on returning to a world where we can do business in-person once again. 

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