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Best Practices in Remote Onboarding & Retention

Years before a global pandemic forced companies to send employees to work from home, the process of recruiting and onboarding new hires had already started to shift digitally. For over 20 years job candidates have been applying on listing boards, recruiter portals and now LinkedIn. It was common practice to even have first rounds of interviews over the phone or online. The only difference between a pre and post pandemic world? The actual “Day One” onboarding process and everything that comes with retaining employees and fostering a sense of company culture. 

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Nice to eMeet You: virtual ice breakers

You wake up with the first day of work jitters. Nervous energy percolates as you brush your teeth. Things you had no desire to do a week ago, like putting on pants, suddenly seem thrilling. You saunter over to your desk with a steamy cup ready to get to work. Your cat circles your ankles almost as if to say, you did it! You found a job during the pandemic! You hold the on button down on your monitor and wait, optimistically, for the connection to establish.

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